Ritz-Carlton Residences

Ritz-Carlton Residences, Orlando, Grande Lakes is a community that offers spectacular homes that blur the line between work and play in a resort-style setting. Capitalizing on the universal recognition of the Ritz-Carlton name and respect for its signature style, the project was coordinated by Unicorp National Developments, a prominent and highly regarded Orlando-based property development company that BIGEYE has worked with on many occasions.

Laying the Groundwork For Success

One of the requirements of this project was that the website and marketing collateral have a luxurious look and feel that reflects the elegance and sophistication for which the Ritz-Carlton is known. With homes starting at just under $2 million, prospective owners have very high expectations. Unfortunately, the project team had gone through the entire creative process with another agency and simply wasn't happy with the results. So, they came to BIGEYE for a fresh start and a new perspective.

As we do with all projects, we started at Step 1 of what we call our BIG process and fully immersed ourselves in the Ritz-Carlton culture and mindset. That discovery and analysis work became the foundation for all the creative output that followed.

the brochure

Unlike many projects where BIGEYE takes the lead in developing or enhancing the client's visual signature, with an icon like the Ritz-Carlton, that wasn't necessary. Instead, the challenge was creating materials that reflected Unicorp's vision for the development while staying true to the Ritz-Carlton brand and its well-established and highly refined standards.

The first page of the brochure refers to the community's "understated elegance." That phrase aptly describes the aesthetic chosen for the brochure and a set of inserts to go with it as well. Clean and simple, with gorgeous property images and abundant white space, the pieces make a powerful statement about the project by saying very little. The more compact physical design of the new brochure makes it much more useful to the Ritz-Carlton sales team.

the website

The phrase that greets you when you arrive at the Ritz-Carlton Residences home page is "In perfect unison." It's meant to describe a state where homeowner, home, community, and environment are seamlessly meshed.

However, it also characterizes the way the website, printed collateral, and the homes themselves have tremendous synergy. Our creative team went to great lengths to ensure that each of the elements clearly reflects the others.

We've worked with BIGEYE many times, and I continue to be impressed with their skill in taking abstract ideas and turning them into fully realized creative output.

- Daina Todd, Unicorp Project Coordinator

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