Making Time for “The Multi-Tasker”

For the approximately 4.1 million moms in the U.S., many of whom have multiple children, time is an ever-more-valuable commodity. Between working, scheduling childcare, driving the carpool, and the myriad other tasks they tackle daily, moms have little time to keep up with current events.

Headshot of The Daily Mom App creator

A Busy Mom’s Brainchild is Born

Our client, a mother of four children herself, excitedly approached BIGEYE looking to capitalize on her app idea. It is a product that addresses a very primal need of busy moms: the desire to quickly and efficiently get updated on the latest happenings in the world.

To get the brand strategy development process started, BIGEYE coordinated and moderated a series of concentrated focus groups, consisting of active moms from across the country, to gauge interest in – and demand for – the app. As anticipated, the results were overwhelmingly positive, and a busy mom’s brainchild was born.

“As a mom of young children, I didn’t want them to grow up watching my face illuminated by the glow of my computer screen, or with my iPhone affixed to my hand. A mom’s time is so limited - I wanted to develop a tool to allow her to catch up quickly with pertinent information that wasn’t solely business-focused, and to become better informed about the world around her. Of course, keeping in mind that this process needs to be efficient, convenient, provide access to a myriad of topics in a short period of time, and add a dose of fun.”

- Kristen Burden, Creator, The Daily Mom App

App wireframe

Conceptualizing a Visually Appealing Aggregator App

Our research made it clear that today’s mom craves access to relevant information – topics ranging from news and current events, to fashion, recipes, blogs, and humor – all through a single aggregation tool.

As the conceptual process continued, what began as a simplistic idea featuring two sections of information blossomed to 12 to ensure that everything moms are looking for is provided. Helping them get that information quickly and efficiently was at the forefront during the wireframing and development process.

BIGEYE led the client through a series of conversations to develop an award-winning framework for providing relevant material in visually appealing and user-friendly way. In the process, our collaboration produced what came to be recognized as the quintessential media mix.

A Fresh Take On Creativity and Functionality

Taking into consideration a busy mom’s minimal free time and often fractured focus, it was critical that the logo and functional design elements be uncluttered, vibrant, and fresh – with a distinct touch of femininity. The typography selected aligned with this need for warmth and sophistication, while the icon set for each of the components of the app was both funky and visually appealing. The color palette, made up of fun, “fresh” tones, added the appropriate amount of femininity.

The daily mom logo. The daily mom logo. The daily mom logo.

“We took the client’s initial idea, and through a series of brainstorming discovery sessions, successfully brought the concept to fruition via the evolution of a refined brand, which carried over to the corresponding architecture of the app. The creative elements needed to be clean, sleek, and sophisticated - and capable of resonating with moms on an emotional level.”

-Jennifer Williamson, Account Manager

Final Wordmark

final wordmark lines final wordmark
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  • The Daily Mom joke Icon
  • The Daily Mom celebs Icon
  • The Daily Mom weather Icon
  • The Daily Mom tidbit Icon
  • The Daily Mom health Icon
  • The Daily Mom countdown Icon
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It’s All in the Details

  • 21

    names were researched and presented to the client

  • 127

    custom wireframes were drafted

  • 3,153

    total tips, jokes, and tidbits were created

Image of computer code

Keeping Things Current: Technically Speaking

One of the greatest challenges faced during the programming phase centered around the “hybrid” architecture that was established. It was imperative that content be updated on a daily basis from sources across the web as well as from an administrative team at The Daily Mom.

The Daily Mom Architecture

  • Built from scratch in Objective-C
  • Local database on Sqlite
  • MySQL database
  • PHP/Java webservices
  • Uses Five Filters (PHP library)
  • Uses Cron-Jobs
  • Uses Analytics from Google and Localytics


Lines of code were written for The Daily Mom App

Development of

In addition to the development of the mobile application, BIGEYE partnered with the client to conceptualize a website to work in tandem with the app. During this process, various predefined goals were shaped further, a comprehensive sitemap was addressed, responsive design and hosting were solidified, and a wireframe was crafted. The website provides an added opportunity to showcase the mobile application, encourages app downloads via iTunes, and provides links to various social media platforms on which The Daily Mom has established a presence.

The daily mom website shown on computer screen.

Apple Features The Daily Mom App, While Securing the Top 25 Downloads Position on iTunes

The daily mom app shown on iphone screen.

Keeping Mom “In the Know”... in a Snap!

The usability and perceived value of the app was critical. To maximize those factors, input from the focus groups and beta testing of the app were used. The end result? A first-of-its-kind aggregator app providing helpful content from upwards of 20 sources with information on current events, fashion, health advice, weather, celebrity news, and much more.

Content Partnerships with Quite a Few Noteworthy Names

BIGEYE facilitated partnerships with numerous internationally recognized, highly reputable, and reliable sources to provide the most comprehensive, relevant content. Organizations including CNN, NBC News, PopSugar, and a myriad of other outlets contributed to the app, allowing moms to stay informed on everything from the day’s news to lifestyle trends quickly and efficiently. The Daily Mom quickly became known as the best way to streamline screen time because of its efficient design and optimal content mix.

iPhone showing The Daily Mom App.

A Whole Lot to “Like”: Reaching Mom while She’s Online

Marketing of The Daily Mom was critical to ensuring that moms knew about it and were interested in downloading it through iTunes. Social media was key, as 92% of moms access the internet daily and 78% have a profile page established on a social networking website or a presence on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter.

BIGEYE helped the client establish the app on all these sites, and created appealing and engaging graphics for each social channel. And, since launch, we have continued to provide expertise in social content creation, monitoring, and engagement strategies.

In addition, an email outreach program was executed through MailChimp as part of a comprehensive marketing plan in conjunction with the initial launch of both the mobile app and website.

“How great that there’s an app that really is aimed at moms as whole people, instead of just focusing on raising children and link-baiting mommy wars stories. About time.”

- Cool Mom Tech

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“How great that there’s an app that really is aimed at moms as whole people, instead of just focusing on raising children and link-baiting mommy wars stories. About time.”

- Cool Mom Tech

From initial concept to iTunes powerhouse: the go-to app for keeping busy moms up-to-speed on the go!

Landing At #2 On iTunes - and Staying Put

The Daily Mom was featured by Apple in the App Store, and during the month of its initial launch, it was subsequently ranked at the #2 position. The app held strong in the Top 25 most downloaded apps for many weeks following initial introduction.

“There was never another agency option for me - there is a certain level of trust in the character of the agency and its leadership that is unmatched by BIGEYE’s competitors in the industry.”

- Kristen Burden, Creator, The Daily Mom App

Women using the daily mom app on iPad

Maintaining Momentum for a Powerful Partnership

One part compelling content and two parts convenience has proven to be the recipe for success in providing moms a highly useful news and lifestyle aggregator tool. And our collaboration with the client continues. We are continually expanding the architecture of the app and making other tweaks based on analytical data and reporting.

Launching the Most Successful iPhone App for Moms

BIGEYE was honored to be trusted by the client to take an incredible initial idea and provide the research, technical expertise, testing, and results-driven marketing strategy required to ensure that The Daily Mom App achieves lasting iTunes ranking success and continues to grow a loyal audience. Today the most successful mobile application for moms just keeps working away - just like mom.

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