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Big Picture Thinking with an Eye for Detail.

After two decades in this business, we know where our clients’ pain points are. And we know how to address them as a full-service agency. Bigeye has developed a time-tested approach that identifies and eliminates the most common challenges our clients face.

The coolest websites and slickest marketing collateral are just eye candy if they don’t move customers to action. So, Bigeye broke from the status quo and took a different path. We made it our practice to start every engagement by first doing whatever it took to get inside the head of the people the client needed to reach.

At every project’s core, we strive to build every campaign around what our research tells us will interest, engage, and ultimately motivate the individuals we’re targeting. And this approach is validated by the results we achieve for our clients.

Our Leadership

Dana Cassell

Senior Manager, Strategy

Sandra Marshall

VP, Client Services

Tim McCormack

VP, Media & Analytics

Justin Ramb


Seth Segura

VP, Creative

Adrian Tennant

Chief Strategy Officer

Rhett Withey

Art Director

Reaching the

Right People,

in the

Right Place,

at the

Right Time.TM

Breathtaking Creative Based on In-Depth Understanding.

From immersing ourselves in your market so we can think like your customers to reporting results at the end of a successful initiative, and everything in between, we provide a full range of marketing and advertising services.

Why does it matter that we’re one of the region’s top advertising agencies and a full-service provider with deep expertise in every discipline? Because our internal teams have a level of collaboration that no collection of individual service providers can achieve.

Plus, when it comes to optimizing your campaigns, the carefully considered, perfectly executed changes we can implement when our strategists, designers, and media buyers sit down together ultimately produce exceptional results.

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