Consumer Insights Company

Consumer Insights Company

What do prospects want from your company and your offerings? Successful businesses work with a consumer insights company to find out. Use what you know about prospects to turn them into customers.

What interests your target buyers? How do they react to new product or service offerings? Do purchase incentives work with them? What kinds of messages are they most attentive to? Understanding your audiences’ attitudes toward products and brands, as well as their media and purchasing behaviors, enables us to surface consumer insights: nuggets of data-driven, evidence-based certainty.

As a consumer insights company, Bigeye’s in-house research services include designing and programming quantitative surveys, facilitating qualitative focus groups and in-depth interviews online and in real life, moderating online communities, and analyzing digital and real-world customer experiences. By blending different types of attitudinal and behavioral analysis, we tap into your target audience’s mindset and provide the actionable consumer insights you need to make well-informed decisions about your offerings and how best to market them.

Why Bigeye for Your Market Research Services?
Here Are Just a Few
of the Many Reasons.

Reasons 1

We construct your campaigns based on an in-depth understanding of your market.

Reasons 2

Leveraging consumer knowledge, we connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Reasons 3

We create the kinds of touchpoints we know your consumers are looking for.

Rely on a Consumer Insights Company for Details That Make a Difference.

Consumer insights are not just for researchers. The fundamental truths that insights reveal about your audiences help you to understand what really defines them, helping inform marketing strategy, inspiring creative direction, and prioritizing new product development.

As an experienced consumer insights company, Bigeye uses traditional and online research solutions that measure people’s conscious, rational assessment of choices and decision making, as well as emotional, often subconscious drivers of purchase behavior. Our blended approach is designed to yield insights that help you identify untapped consumer needs, deliver differentiated customer experiences, and create front-of-mind awareness for your business or brand.

Consumer Intercepts: One of the Many Tools of a Consumer Insights Company.

At Bigeye, we help companies achieve great success at the intersection of digital and traditional. One effective traditional approach is called consumer intercepts. These interviews are conducted in-person or online as a consumer is interacting with your brand or soon after. We use them to get immediate and unvarnished feedback about products or services. The data captured is then combined with information from other sources to produce actionable insights on your prospects.

Bigeye uses both digital and traditional platforms to capture the data you need to succeed.

Give Your Marketing Initiatives a Lift with the Help of a Consumer Insight Agency.

Sometimes all it takes to move a marketing campaign from adequate to exceptional is a few consumer insights on your prospects. This input can cover a wide range of attributes including product features, branding, packaging, and much more to strengthen your advertising efforts and take your results to the next level. 

How can powerful audience insight produce significantly more success? Contact us to find out.

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