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In a perfect world, consumers would come to a website, know what they want to buy, select that item, and purchase it. Ours is not a perfect world, of course, and the consumer journey rarely looks like that. More often, it involves online and offline research, browsing, abandoned items in the shopping cart, and eventually a purchase. At BIGEYE, our digital marketing team is skilled at a variety of digital targeting practices and retargeting services designed to influence consumers along this journey. They take into account campaign strategy, analytics, consumer purchase behavior, and conversion goals in order to determine the most effective targeting methods for digital campaigns.

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What are digital targeting and retargeting services?

Retargeting is the process of displaying ads on other sites within an ad network to people who recently visited your website. For instance, someone who visits your site today might be designated to see your ad when they visit the site of your local news channel tomorrow. It’s a great method for keeping a brand or product top of mind for those who have already shown an interest.

Other methods of digital targeting we use at BIGEYE include lookalike targeting, purchase behavior targeting, demographic targeting, contextual targeting, keyword targeting, and affinity/interest targeting.

Capitalize on similarities with lookalike targeting.

Who better to market to than people who are like your current customers? From demographics to purchase behavior to browsing histories, our team uses lookalike targeting to stay in front of highly receptive consumers in your target market.

Leverage spending tendencies with purchase behavior targeting.

We develop an accurate assessment of who is likely to purchase your product or service based on data available from loyalty cards, credit cards, catalog subscriptions, warranty cards, and government registration information.

Use what you know about your prospects to empower demographic targeting.

Age, gender, location, languages, parental status, household income… we use the information you have on your prospects to refine your targeting.

Serve ads that align with a prospect’s goals based on contextual targeting.

With this technique, page content is scanned and used to determine a site visitor’s intent. Then relevant ads are displayed. For example, someone on a page that has a mortgage calculator is probably more receptive to an ad from a realtor.

Build high-performing ad groups with keyword targeting.

In keyword targeting, our team identifies keywords relevant to the target market and then associates ad groups based on those keywords.

Use online interactions to enable affinity or interest targeting.

In affinity targeting we look at the types of things a person “likes” on social media, the places they check in, or their hobbies and interests.

Our retargeting services can help you land new customers and encourage more purchases from existing ones.

Put BIGEYE’s digital targeting and retargeting services to work for you.

Targeting and retargeting are powerful tactics that can improve lead generation, increase sales, and provide a tremendous return on your digital advertising investment.


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Let's target the right people.

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