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Our smartphones are rarely out of reach. Meet your audience where they spend their time by working with a mobile app marketing agency.

Make your app stand out among the more than three million available.

At BIGEYE, we partner with app developers to improve discoverability, increase installs, optimize conversions within the app, and thereby reduce the average cost of install. Data shows you have less than six seconds to convince an app store browser to install your app once they’ve clicked on it. Are you confident you’ve optimized your app store presence to make the most of those precious seconds?

Why BIGEYE? Here are just a few of the many reasons.

We’re trailblazers in the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape.

We’re strategy first - because your bottom line will always be our focal point.

We have an unmatched focus on our clients' success.

Leverage App Store Optimization

As a leading mobile app marketing agency, we’re experts in app store optimization (ASO). App store search is still the #1 app discovery method and the most effective place to invest app marketing dollars to increase installs. By optimizing the keywords associated with your app, we maximize its chances of being discovered.

Use Data-Driven Storytelling

The screenshots associated with your app are another key piece of install rate success. Our mobile designers excel at creating screenshots that are engaging, interesting, and tell a story. Once we have a set of images to use, we split test the images in the app stores and optimize the image selection based on the test data.

Respond Quickly to App Store Trends

We know the mobile environment is evolving quickly, and our dedicated mobile team is tasked with staying on top of the market and its trends on an hourly basis. They know what’s coming, and how anticipated changes will impact mobile marketing plans. Our mobile experts monitor Google Play and Apple App store trends daily to detect changes in their algorithms, in order to optimize our app marketing efforts.

Improve Revenue through Cost Per Install (CPI) Campaigns

CPI campaigns are digital advertising campaigns designed to drive app installations. The CPI campaigns we design for our clients generally include display ads, interstitials, native ads, and paid search ads. We split test these ads with compelling visuals and copy, and then use a variety of specialized targeting methods to push CPI as low as possible. Targeting methods commonly used in our CPI campaigns include look alike targeting, app interest targeting, retargeting, contextual targeting and traditional digital targeting criteria like demographics, location, and behavior. After install occurs, we then focus our efforts on engaging users, and creating loyal app users to drive in-app purchases.

Convert Users to Customers

In addition to ASO, our app marketing process includes efforts to convert users into customers. We work with clients to define the app’s target market, build an active user base, and then through texts, visuals and offers, we convert the active users into engaged customers. Understanding the best way to use your app, and how to promote your brand increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The BIGEYE mobile app marketing agency team relies heavily on data and analytics to judge the success of our marketing efforts, and therefore can be quick to assign ROI to individual tactics, and optimize the spend based on that data.

Encourage Great Ratings

The final benefit of working with our mobile app marketing agency is encouraging 5-star ratings. We know the app stores value ratings, and we split test and optimize copy and imagery based on analytics.

We use time-tested methods to improve your app’s positioning in the app stores and adoption once it’s downloaded.

Drive better results with the expertise of a mobile app marketing agency.

The right marketing and promotion can take an app that is languishing in the app stores and move it steadily toward the top of the charts. You’ve invested money and effort in developing your app. Now it’s time to get it the attention it deserves!


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Let's use mobile apps to reach your audience.

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Let's use mobile apps to reach your audience.

Work with us

Let's use mobile apps to reach your audience.

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