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One of the best ways to understand your customers is to watch them. Rely on the skills of an ethnographic research and content marketing agency to get crucial information.

Gain insight from your customers’ natural actions and behaviors.

Ethnographic research studies people in their natural environments (like their homes) as opposed to a research environment (like a focus group). People often struggle to articulate their thoughts or feelings about products or services in controlled research environments. We help you understand how people behave in their day-to-day life. Through observation, and occasionally face-to-face interviews, as a content marketing agency we develop insights that can drive your marketing initiatives.

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Collaborate with an experienced ethnographic research company.

The simplest definition of what an ethnographic research company does is that it observes subjects and makes notes about their behavior. However, how, when, and where to perform that research are critical decisions that only an experienced researcher can advise you on. Our team has the expertise to ensure that your ethnographic studies deliver useful results.

Use the services of an ethnographic research company to your advantage.

Imagine that you have noticed a significant negative shift in public perception of your brand. An ethnographic research company can help you determine what caused the shift and what can be done to turn public opinion back in your favor.

During observation, an ethnographic researcher looks for and documents patterns and trends. This can include jotting down notes, taking pictures, or even collecting “artifacts” like a comment card filled out by the subject. Then the researcher analyzes the findings and compiles a report that explains what the data is, how it should be interpreted, and what can be done to make progress toward a specific goal (increased sales, more positive public opinion, etc.).

An ethnographic research company and content marketing agency can help you develop a more productive connection with your customers and prospects.

Meet your customers and prospects where they are—both literally and figuratively.

Observational research is a strong foundation on which to build healthy relationships with your customers and to develop offerings that meet their needs. We work with you to design research projects that deliver not just interesting information, but actionable insights for your business. 


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