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Knowing how to assign credit to marketing touchpoints is key to establishing an effective marketing mix. Work with an expert attribution modeling company to get the insights you need.

Imagine a world where you know exactly what content and campaigns drive sales best.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine that world. You’re living in it. Attribution modeling gives you the power to understand exactly what your prospects want from you. Say goodbye to guessing. Our cross-channel attribution services can help you develop crystal clarity on the customer journey and then craft highly targeted campaigns that reach your ideal prospects at just the right moments. The result is an increase in sales opportunities and a significantly higher return on your marketing investment.

Why BIGEYE? Here are just a few of the many reasons.

Creative work grounded in data-driven strategy.

We have an unmatched focus on our clients' success.

We’re strategy first - because your bottom line will always be our focal point.

Gain greater insight with an attribution modeling company.

Multi-touch attribution increases confidence in your marketing spend by revealing which channels are most effectively producing conversions. When you partner with BIGEYE, we help you understand where to invest your resources by creating a holistic picture of how your customers make purchase decisions. This includes powerful insights on which channels are most valuable, what devices your customers are using, and how your marketing mix is performing.

Take advantage of the power of attribution modeling.

With BIGEYE as your attribution modeling company you get the full spectrum of services:

  • Accurate ROI analysis and goal-setting workshops based on detailed channel performance
  • Tailored marketing strategy to increase spend efficiency and improve performance
  • Elimination of the “spray and pray” marketing approach
  • Deeper relationships with your clients and market

Our team of experts knows how to help you capitalize on attribution modeling to achieve your sales goals.

Partner with an attribution modeling company like BIGEYE to drive better business performance.

BIGEYE uses a blend of proprietary and third-party data to help you understand exactly where and how your customers are consuming content. With that knowledge, we can tailor a highly targeted marketing strategies to your customers’ wants and needs. We leverage our attribution modeling technology to develop a clear and comprehensive picture of what you can expect your marketing dollars to deliver so you can allocate your budget most effectively.


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