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Announcing newsworthy events with an authoritative voice elevates your brand. Leverage a press release service partner that knows how to maximize the mileage on your releases.

Prepare for and execute announcements wisely.

From hirings to product launches to events, your press releases need to captivate both your audience and the media contacts who will play a role in how much buzz they are able to generate. There’s an art both to producing a release and capitalizing on media and other connections to draw attention to it.

Why BIGEYE? Here are just a few of the many reasons.

We have an unmatched focus on our clients' success.

Founded in 2002, we’ve solved virtually every marketing challenge imaginable.

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Get insights from an experienced media and press release service like BIGEYE.

While they tend to be fairly short and to-the-point, press releases can be intimidating to write. Eliminate the stress by working with a press release service. By putting out regular releases, you can boost your brand visibility and expose your company to a wider audience. At BIGEYE, we carefully craft your press releases so that they communicate your story and message clearly to your audience. You perform final review and editing, of course, but the majority of the legwork is done for you.

From writing to distribution: the many benefits of a press release service

At BIGEYE, not only do our writers draft press releases that mimic your company’s style and tone, we insert keywords that blend seamlessly with the copy in order to improve search engine optimization and attract more attention to your brand. We also help with the distribution of your release, ensuring that it is seen by the right people, from your target audience to key influencers and others who may have an interest in the content.

Share your story with an eager audience that wants to know more about your brand.

Use BIGEYE’s press release service to create more brand awareness.

Press releases can be very persuasive, in part because they come across as news rather than marketing. If you capitalize properly on the reader’s trust, the results can be impressive. We help you make announcements that strike the perfect balance between press and pitch. 


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Let's write your press releases.

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Let's write your press releases.

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