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Aerial video can give your audience a unique perspective. Take them to new heights with our drone video services.

Enjoy sky-high excitement and engagement.

Video shot from drones can captivate an audience in a way that no other format can. Using our drone video services, you can capture footage that lets you tell stories in an entirely new way. The result is an audience that is interested, energized, and eager to learn more about your company and your offerings.

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Leverage the unique capabilities of drone video.

Planes and helicopters have been shooting aerial video for marketing purposes for decades. But drones let you get closer than ever to the subjects you’re filming. They can even be used indoors to create fresh perspectives and eye-catching promotional opportunities for your brand. Even short segments of drone video added to a standard video production can give it a cutting-edge feel.

Capitalize on drone video services that are effective and affordable.

Before drones, the process of capturing aerial video was complicated and costly. A pilot and videographer had to be hired, flight plans had to be filed, etc. Today, once your scripting and storyboarding are complete, you can dive right into shooting the footage. There are rules regarding drone flights, of course, but they are nothing compared to those governing manned aircraft. So, getting the shots you need is easy and inexpensive. Virtually every industry can benefit from drone video — from hospitality and tourism to manufacturing and construction.

BIGEYE’s drone team is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and has been working with drones since 2002.

For high-quality drone video, go with the pros!

While anyone can pilot a drone with a little practice, using one to capture professional quality footage is another challenge altogether. Companies that go the DIY route generally wish they hadn’t. From damaged drones to amateurish shots that don’t represent their business well, looking to save a few bucks can cost you dearly in the end. If you’re looking for pieces that will help you move the needle on engagement, lead generation, and sales, working with experts in drone video services is your best bet. 


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Let's soar with drone video.

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Let's soar with drone video.

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Let's soar with drone video.

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