A Creative Brand Campaign for a Wild Place

Strategy & Positioning, Messaging, Campaign Creation & Development, Adaptable Creative, Copywriting, Website & Voice Development

The Challenge

Rather than ignore the fact that outdoor ice skating and Miami’s tropical climate would seem to be in opposition, we embraced it and confirmed to Jungle Island’s family audience that they heard that right with phrases like: “Skate over real ice in the middle of the jungle.”

Our Approach

From traditional materials like collateral, billboards and bus wraps to digital deliverables like motion graphics, custom illustrations and social media posts, we used Jungle Island’s bright, bold color palette and a playful parrot character we created to get their audience excited about this kind of adventure.


Combining photographs, illustrations and animation seamlessly to produce eye-catching visuals is no easy task, but our creative team nailed it and the finished pieces are powerful. Being careful to adhere to the park’s existing brand guidelines, we designed a wide range of materials and a mini campaign with the dual focus of raising awareness about this unique offering and driving increased ticket sales.