When a great brand story is told through an equally great video, there’s nothing quite like it.

We produce videos that captivate audiences and compel them to action, resulting in an increased number of views and social shares. Our award-winning video team combines intriguing storytelling with artistic visual flair. Pre-production planning is executed down to the last detail by producers, and post-production is handled by expert editors and directors. When complete, we can pair your new video with both a digital and traditional media strategy that exposes it to the right audience through the right channels, at precisely the right time. Take a look at some of our work…


Video makes a powerful connection

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    When including video on a landing page, conversions can increase by

    80 percent

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    On a monthly basis, the average online user sees around

    32 videos

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    Mobile video consumers are likely to share videos with others at a rate of

    92 percent

"The videos produced with BIGEYE have helped to evolve the brand of Orange Technical College in a profound way, having a hugely positive effect both externally in the community, as well as internally amongst our students and staff. The medium allows us to tell our story in a way that a brochure or a billboard never could. The videos are emotional, sensory, and motivational, but most importantly, true to our message. BIGEYE has the unique ability to capture that through video."

-Parker Antoine, Senior Administrator - Marketing Career and Technical Education, Orange Technical College

Fast Forward to ROI

Get the biggest bang for your buck with a high quality, professionally produced video or series of videos from BIGEYE. We’ll take care of coordination, scripting, filming, and editing. We’ll also help you decide on the right angle, mood, tone, and the ideal video length to get your message across most effectively.

Ready to get your new video rolling?