As an experienced direct-to-consumer (DTC) startup marketing agency in both digital and traditional advertising applications, Bigeye capitalizes on a mixture of channels to expand your reach while tailoring your messaging and voice to maximize impact.

With the niche nature of DTC business models comes a unique opportunity for a narrowed focus and personalized messaging that strengthens your consumer relationships.

DTC Startup
Marketing Agency

DTC startups are a growing force in every industry as consumers demand an ever-higher degree of convenience. To get your DTC startup off the ground, you’ll need to reach and impress your target market. Products that go directly to the consumer tend to serve a niche category. While this narrows a company’s target market, it allows brands to build a reliable consumer base and connect with them on a deeper level.


We craft communications that align your offerings with your audience’s motivators. Establishing a deep connection requires identifying and emphasizing shared traits, and then providing consistent interaction, and follow-through. Our team assists with all three.

Shared Growth

27% of consumers want to learn from their favorite brands. We work with you to share your expertise, which drives loyalty, increases conversions, and produces mutual growth for your audience and your company.


User experience is the name of the DTC start-up game. By creating consumer-focused, intuitive touchpoints, our team delivers positive consumer perception to build loyalty and inspire advocacy.


Our team works with you to define and capitalize on what makes your service unique. Leveraging this, we make your brand memorable while aligning it with the specific needs of your target audience.

Get Noticed

57% of consumers find their favorite brands on the internet. We leverage the advantages of your DTC model and robust expertise in social and digital media to drive impressive business growth.

Listen & Adapt

Building your brand through tailored digital media advertising produces a strong consumer connection that creates loyalty. Almost 30% of online consumers utilize social media as a way to inform their purchase decisions.

Unify Your Voice

Direct contact requires skilled messaging that elevates your brand with every interaction. We define and document your communication guidelines carefully so your employees can be true extensions of your brand.

DTC Start-Up Services

Direct-to-Consumer Audiences Need Connection.

Direct-to-consumer marketing is incredibly effective in the digital age. With that crucial online presence at the core of their business model, DTC brands also provide the uniquely branded experience that e-commerce severely lacks. In 2019, 55% of consumers visited a brand’s official website before choosing to complete a purchase and 32% used additional search engine research before executing their purchase. This means that prospective buyers are heavily swayed by search engine results and prefer to buy from the source over a big box store or even expansive e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

DTC consumers are looking for an engaging experience that allows them to feel connected to the brands they purchase from. This need stems from the inherent interconnectedness that comes with the internet age combined with the lack of personability of a digital transaction. Your potential customers are looking to connect with you and to feel proud of the brand they’re supporting with their purchases.

DTC Insights

As a leader in DTC startup marketing, we take pride in staying on top of the latest industry trends.

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DTC Fashion Marketing Agency

Direct-to-consumer clothing brands are taking over retail. This evolution of e-commerce brings with it a necessity for strong branding. It takes the perfect balance of design, quality, and culture to make a splash in online retail, and it takes even stronger branding work to generate a significant DTC customer base.

We begin crafting your clothing brand by analyzing your style and mission. This allows us to understand which audiences will be the most interested in your product. Next, we study your audience in order to create a “voice” for your company that inspires a deep connection.

Like a boutique, a DTC brand thrives in a niche environment. Casting your net too wide will dilute your message, but narrowing your focus too much can alienate potential consumers. As a DTC fashion marketing agency, our expert team of creatives and strategists reliably walk this fine line to maximize your ROI and drive conversions.

Your direct-to-consumer retail business deserves attention and requires it to succeed. We know how to get it. From company and product naming services to buildout and packaging, we help your business thrive. Work with our team to engage your target market and achieve remarkable results.

DTC Furniture Advertising Agency

When shopping for furniture, the user experience is everything. That applies even more with an online or direct-to-consumer business model. These are incredibly convenient, but highly impersonal, interactions. To create or intensify loyalty, there has to be another way to build connections.

By collaborating with you to accurately define your most lucrative target markets, we’re able to understand what truly inspires them to get involved and make a purchase. From there, we make your brand synonymous with a community or lifestyle that appeals to your consumers on a whole new level.

By engaging with your audience on a cultural level and participating in the community at large through positive social impact, you expand brand awareness and loyalty. As your DTC brand’s following grows, you can capitalize on repeat business and word-of-mouth to increase revenues and capture more market share.

As your DTC furniture advertising agency we can help make a house a home. Our audience-focused, creative-driven, full-service advertising agency can get your consumers to invite you in. Let’s talk about your objectives.

DTC Health and Wellness Marketing Agency

As your wellness company capitalizes on convenience by utilizing the direct to consumer business model, it’s important to note that you’ll need a hook to keep your customers coming back. That’s where our services can give your brand a competitive edge.

From company naming and logo design to campaign creation and implementation, we help your brand establish the personalized connections necessary to convince consumers to bring you into their medical and fitness considerations.

With our real-time monitoring services, we track your brand and consumer interactions to see what’s working and what isn’t. This is essential in a developing market like DTC health and wellness. As the industry grows and evolves, so will your creative with our continual campaign adjustments and optimizations.

As your DTC health and wellness marketing agency, we can help you get in touch with your target market through an audience-focused process that starts and ends with your consumers in mind. Talk with us about how to connect with and grow your customer base consistently.